The Healing Waters Splash! April 2007, Volume 1, Number 3

The Healing Waters Splash!

Volume 1, Number 3, April 2007


Dear Folks:
It’s time for an update on the Healing Waters Foundation. It has been steadily moving forward toward the realization of building a rehabilitation pool. We have shifted our plans in Phase 1 to the Hydroworx 500 model instead of the 2000 model simply because we can afford to purchase that model with our current resources. If we suddenly receive another $200,000 we can purchase the 2000 model now.

The donations we currently have received have been put to use paying for an architect, Thomas Beck who has drawn floor plans for locating the 500 in the space the Pettyjohns are leasing to Healing Waters. We are also paying for Deeva Daily to write grants and promote Healing Waters. Deeva recently completed a proposal to the Christopher Reeve’s Foundation. We are anxious to hear the results of that application.


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