The Healing Waters Splash! December 2012, Volume 5, Number 2

The Healing Waters Splash!

December 2012, Volume 5, Number 2

Happy Holidays!  This calendar year Healing Waters was able to become debt free but it was unable to remain debt free.  We have had to borrow money again to keep this amazing facility viable.  Why?  I think there are several reasons.  I think the down turn in the economy has made people be uncertain of the future and reluctant to give to a non profit organization.  I know we have had less pool usage, donations and successful grants.  I continue to think people do not understand what an amazing piece of equipment Healing Waters is for exercises, for muscle relaxation, for pain relief and for conditioning. 

But I have not given up!  There is a rainbow to every cloud.  Lynn Severin caught this amazing picture one summer day!


Too many people have benefitted from Healing Waters to let this unique facility disappear.  Do you know that this pool may be the ONLY pool of its kind in the state of Colorado.  It certainly has to be the only facility of this kind in the mountains of Colorado.  Where else can people go and walk on an underwater treadmill with the assist of water to ease aches and pains that would be suffered on land?  Where else could anyone enter a pool with such relative privacy?


We have been fortunate to receive a grant from the Rotary Club of Estes Park for the One Helping Hand project.  The Rotary provided fifteen passes at half the normal price of $70 instead of $140 to those with financial hardships.  This program has been so successful we wrote another grant request to the Community Thrift Shop and they awarded Healing Waters $2000 so 10 more people could receive a half price pass.  This grant also supported each person’s screen and initial pool session.


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