The Healing Waters Splash - July 2013, Volume 6, Number 1

Welcome to our new web site at!  I am so excited about it.  I really hope you enjoy looking through it.  Danielle Owens of Full Spectrum Web Development has been working with me since April to put it together.  We revised some parts, expanded parts, tried to make it more friendly and tried to make it more informative.
One feature which I really like is if you look at the bottom of the first page there is a place where you can sign up to get a Newsletter if you want a friend to get it.  There is also a place for you to unsubscribe, in case you no longer want to receive a newsletter.  See "Safeunsubscribe".  Of course, none of you will want to press that button! 
You will also find that you can download the necessary paperwork for using Healing Waters Aquatic Center.  That way everything is filled out before you come in and it should save you some time.
So lots of things have been happening at Healing Waters.  The latest has been a railing has been added along the west wall.  The Rotary Club of Estes Park granted us $600 to complete this project.  It is something we have wanted for a long time because as I have learned, it does not matter how careful you are, you can always slip if things are wet.
The new railing was installed by Pat Begley without charge for his services.  Look at the beautiful job he did!  If you know Pat, be sure to thank him for his work.
The Duck Race brought in $1102 thanks to all of you who supported Healing Waters adopting a duck.
The Community Thrift Store granted us $1800 for 10 pool passes to be given to folks that otherwise could not use Healing Waters.  If you think you qualify for such a pass, please come and fill out an application.
The Estes Valley Sunrise Rotary granted us $1500 for 10 pool passes in collaboration with Salud Foundation.
And, of course, we still have two pool passes for 10 thirty minute session available from the Noon Rotary from our 2012 grant.
So everyone should be able to use Healing Waters that wants to enjoy warm water in a private, clean facility.
Our Board of Directors has done some changing.  Beth Carle, our Treasurer, recently resigned.  Beth will be missed.  We so appreciate all the work and hours that Beth donated for the good of Healing Waters.  Paula Edwards volunteered to take on the Treasurer's position and Gordon Slack is our Bookkeeper.  Right now we have $2200 in our bank account and that is before paying our rent and our employees so you can see we run close to the line between being in the red and being in the black. 
But I am not worried.  I think we have made some great improvements to encourage more people to use Healing Waters.  Today we had 14 people use it.  And our wonderful staff of Roger Truesdale, Carolyn Mangler, Linda Bensey and Deb Blackman keep things running smoothly.
Kaye Maranowicz , one of our Board members, started a new fund raiser for Healing Waters.  It is with Sunflower Consignment Boutique.  They are located up by Molly B's.   You can take nicer clothing that you want to pass along and when they sell it, they share with Healing Waters in a 60/40 split on items that people have donated under Healing Waters' name.  Our number is 120 or "foundation".  If the items do not sell they will be collected by Kaye and her Committee partner Kathy Hale, also a Board member, and they will donate those items to the Community Thrift Shop.
Another fund raiser we have is recycling.  See where you can find those cartons around town on our web site.  Kaye and Kathy are in charge of collecting what you recycle and distributing them to Cartridge World in Fort Collins.  Through your donations and their efforts Healing Waters recently received a check for $317.  And we are SO appreciative.  Thank you for supporting this project.
I just have to mention some other people that work on Healing Water: Chris Bieker, Board Secretary, helps change the water, clean the filters and maintain our beautiful facility.  Heidi Rothberg is our Chair, Bruce Ralstad is another Board Member.  We just lost another Board member, Jane McIver.  She was our Vice Chair and will be missed.
Then we have wonderful Volunteers who donate so many hours.  We just counted up hours from folks and there were over 1100 donated hours!  Isn't that amazing!  Some of those folks are Nancy Roko, Peggy MacKay, Sarah McMurren, Brenda Coy, Deb Kiple, Barbara Wilson, Gladys Van Drie, Brenda Schreiner and Gretchen Middledorf.  I hope I didn't leave anyone out!
Another person that has joined with Healing Waters is Harry Graham.  He is skilled in marketing and has volunteered to help Healing Waters become better known to the community.
We also recently stopped requesting a $30 fee for the initial screen.  This deduction will make Healing Waters more affordable for people.  You will still need to be screened but you won't have to pay for it.
I am hoping I shall be writing you more frequently to keep you informed of all that is going on at Healing Waters now that I am connected with Constant Contact.
Watch us grow.  Come enjoy Healing Waters and we hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!
Anne Slack
Executive Director
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