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Cartridge Recycling

Help support Healing Waters Foundation, Inc. by dropping off your empty printer cartridges. It is easy to help us while doing something good for the environment! Find a recycling bin at Mountaintop Physical Therapy, PC, Healing Waters Aquatic Center, Radio Shack, US Bank, Bank of Estes Park (downtown), American legion, Rocky Mountain National Park Warehouse, Edward Jones, Trail Gazette, Senior Center, Gateway, Upper Thompson Sanitation District and Allenspark Post Office.

Speaking Opportunities

Healing Waters Foundation's Executive Director, Anne Slack, has spoken at several community organizations, including the Rotary Club of Estes Park. Anne is available to speak to groups about Healing Waters Foundation and the new pool facility. We can also arrange tours of the Healing Waters facility. Click here to contact us to set up a presentation or tour. Please contact us by phone or email with any additional questions you may have.

Estes Park Duck Race

May 7, 2016

$20 to adopt a duck. Proceeds go to any one of the 64 participating charities.

(Or redeemable in cash $6,000.)

(Or redeemable in cash $3,000.)

(Or redeemable in cash $2,000.)

** All major prizes are for two people and include airfare fromDenver and round-trip transportation to hotels. Arrangements made by Columbine Travel in Estes Park. **


The Healing Waters Splash! October 2014, Vol. 7, #1

The Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center ( has come up with a way to increase awareness and donations to the nonprofits of the Estes Valley. It is called Mountain Strong for Nonprofits ( or MS4NP. By now you most likely have seen their logo, video and news releases. This is a collaborative effort of over 30 local nonprofits. Healing Waters Foundation, Inc. is proud to be a part of this effort. Just as people from around the country proudly wore Mountain Strong t-shirts in support of flood recovery, we hope they will join in supporting the Healing Waters Foundation, Inc through MS4NP.  The idea is for our local folks to share the website with friends and family from across the country via email, Facebook or other social media. There is no cost to us to be a part of this collaborative. Thanks go to Paul Moore and Nancy Roko for their help with this project. I hope you will use the website to encourage your friends and family members to donate to Healing Waters Foundation!  And be sure to check out our video on the MS4NP site! As always, you can also go directly to our website ( to donate.

If you watch channel 8 ( via Baja Broadband, the provider at most of the Estes Park lodging, you might have seen our ad. Thanks to Mark Angle along with Nick Molle, it is running 24 times per day for the next year! Great way to get the word out to the community about our "hidden gem"!  Here is the link for the ad: It runs with various music selections in the background when seen on TV.

Healing Waters Foundation has seen an average of 25 people using the pool each week. Some of them actually come two or three times each week and "swim" for an hour each time! We are also seeing three to five  physical therapy clients coming with their therapist per week. On some days we have been open from 7:00 AM until after 6:00 PM to accommodate all of our clients! In order to have proper coverage at the pool we needed to hire a fifth part time employee. Becky Sorensen joined us in May. Becky, along with Linda Bensey, Deb Blackman, Carolyn Mangler and Roger Truesdale help to keep our facility going. Of course we also have the help of our volunteers! So far in 2014 the volunteers have donated over 135 hours just at the pool! Our volunteers include Deb Kiple, Peggy MacKay, Gretchen Middledorf, Jacque Rolstadt, Nancy Roko and Gladys Van Drie. In addition there have been very many hours donated by people attending workshops or meetings, working on publicity and on our Facebook page. ( if you are on Facebook just go on over there and click "Like"! You can get some good information there for yourself or to "Share".

Our Board of Directors has also seen some changes this year. Our current board consists of Anne Slack, Executive Director and Chair, Heidi Rothburg, Vice-chair, Chris Bieker, Secretary, Paula Edwards, Treasurer,  Nancy L. Follender, Ex-Officio, Mark Angle, Kathy Hale, Kaye Maranowicz, Paul Moore, and Bruce Rolstad. If you see any of these folks around town please be sure to thank them! On Thursday, November 13, 2014, our board members Bruce Rolstad and his wife (also a volunteer!) Jacque, will represent Healing Waters Foundation, Inc. at "Enriching Estes With a Giving Heart". This event is to celebrate National Philanthropy Day and the mark that volunteers and donors make on our community.

We have a lot to be grateful for this year! In November 2013, while our community was working to recover from the flood. the Community Thrift Shop,Inc. gave us a grant of $1000.00. That same month the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado also gave us $1000.00 which was used to get internet service established at Healing Waters. The therapists appreciate it and we hope to be able to offer online scheduling soon. Duck adoptions for the Estes Park Duck Race started earlier for this year's race leading to an almost 50% increase!  We received $1634.00 from the Duck Race. Thank you to all who adopted a duck and checked Healing Waters Foundation! In April, 2014 we received a grant from the Rotary Club of Estes Park in the amount of $840.00. It has been used to provide grants for seven people to use the pool who were negatively impacted by the flood of September, 2013. That same month the Estes Valley Sunrise Rotary awarded a matching grant of $450 which means that the $450.00 that individual donors gave was doubled! The Estes Valley Sunrise Rotary also contributed $600.00 to the "Salud Sunrise Splash Program". We are grateful for all of these donations that allow us to provide pool passes for people who will benefit from using the pool but cannot afford the full fee. From the "Thank You" notes they write we know that they appreciate it, too!

We have continued to provide our community a way to recycle printer cartridges with collection boxes in locations around town. You can find recycling boxes at Healing Waters Aquatic Center, Mountaintop Physical Therapy, PC,  Radio Shack, UPS, US Bank, First National Bank (downtown), American Legion, Rocky Mountain National Park Warehouse, Edward Jones, Trail Gazette, Senior Center, Gateway, Upper Thompson Sanitation District and Allenspark Post Office. Visit to learn more about this printer cartridge recycling program. You will be helping the environment as well as the Healing Waters Foundation!


As always, we are thankful for your support of Healing Waters Foundation, Inc.

Anne Slack

Executive Director


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • There is something about being in the water that has made movement accessible to me again. Maybe the amniotic quality of the environment hits a reset button, returning me to a mental space wherein limits have yet to be imposed.

    Rebekah Steers
  • Healing Waters frees me from pain that I experience all the rest of my waking hours.

    Cindi Lovelace
  • The workouts and rehab in the pool have allowed me to exercise and build strength in ways I can not do on land as a result of arthritis.

    Kathy McGill
  • Healing Waters helped me relax and loosen my muscles and helped my knees.

    Sara Gucker
  • I always have a renewed sense of life and hope after each session at Healing Waters.

    Cindi Lovelace
  • The quiet setting is perfect for relaxation and stress release. Staff members and volunteers work hard and are always attentive and pleasant and supportive.

    Peggy Mills
  • The water and treadmill allowed me to bear weight on my lower extremities much sooner and work core motion muscles, reducing atrophy.

    Chris Bieker
  • When I first started physical therapy at Healing Waters I was struck by all the amenities available. Someone really utilized a working knowledge of disability setting that place up.

    Rebekah Steers
  • There is something about being in the water that has made movement accessible to me again. Maybe the amniotic quality of the environment hits a reset button, returning me to a mental space wherein limits have yet to be imposed.

    Nancy Roko
  • Now in the pool, I’m enjoying running. There is something magical about the pool, I’m sure!

    Cindi Lovelace
  • In the time I am in its soothing warm water, I am pain free, and many times pain free for hours afterwards as well.

    Rebekah Steers
  • Healing Waters helped facilitate my rediscovery of the joy of movement.

    Kathy McGill
  • My workouts prior to my total knee replacement helped me gain strength and have aided in a speedier recovery! I will remain an avid participant and advocate!

    Peggy Mills
  • Using Healing Waters has resulted in a sense of success and control in my life.

    Chris Bieker
  • Aqua therapy was instrumental in maintaining a positive attitude and overall positive outlook on my situation. It made me feel like a regular person again.